“… Of drunkenness in repetition …”

As a result of uncertain and overwhelming climate, I am taking premised the cause – interest in the effect of disinterest, in search of thought – isolation as a cult of liberation and personal meditation.
Part of my motivation lies in the investigation of the strategic mechanisms for survival.

Shelters and private areas of personal hyper investment, where you can transfigure the reality in search of indifference.
I pampered all of isolation and shelter, it is based on hypnotic and systematic exorcism repetition of the form, as an instrument of inertia and self-transcendence.
During these last years, my work resided an intimate and closer look of the Nature. Regard to the representation of the species, as a consequence of the order and the law of similarity in the cosmos and the mathematics.
Currently, and as a result to digital stimulus are born shelters established by the network and computer image.

Precise, defined and orderly aesthetic. Cyber-hypnotic additions, fluorescent colors and new dogmas, where sometimes the insulation becomes present through the machine.
Looking for the optimal space for growth, almost without knowing what will grow and in what you want to grow.